Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bride of Solomon -- Identity

Song of Solomon 2:2 - "Like a lily among thorns."

"There is nothing unique about me," she sighed, staring at her dulled reflection atop a pool of muddied water. "I'm just as all the others." The young girl had referred to herself as a "rose of Sharon," a common variety of rose that blanketed field upon field. But among so many thorned flowers, could a single bloom be distinguished from all the others? And among the masses, could one ever hope to be discovered? To be desired?

The king's bride saw herself as such, but Solomon saw so much more. Though considered improper, his first sight of her left him unconsciously staring. When she spoke, her convictions stirred his own passions. And though the king had possibly tried explaining such things to those closest around him, perhaps this "wisest of all" fumbled over his words, never able to fully understand his own feelings about her.

Did this king finally discover one rare wildflower hidden among the many that continually sought after his affections? The answer is a reassuring and tender "yes."

And upon hearing his lover's condenming self-evaluation of insignificance, he would not stay silent. The king would never want for her to again misjudge her treasured identity. Solomon recorded for history to understand that his bride was a "lily among thorns."

What identity do you find in youself?


  1. Adrian, this devotional blog makes it as such an
    interesting read!

    A lot of us women can identify on how the king's bride felt about herself- her feelings of insecurity and times, we do feel
    that way until someone comes along and makes us feel safe and loved...know that great is the measure of our Father's love!

    Cynthia Marven